Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, January 04, 2007

so there is it, red Massa

Friday, November 24, 2006

here it is, the (i think) final version of The Planet of Tamriel, completley new textured,
although i've used the same Tamriel texture, (just incl. Bump-Maps, Norma-Maps, )
+ glowing atmosphere and a background with the galaxy and the Red Nebula ( name???)
+ new clouds texture and some new continents

i'm thinking of releasing a reworked pic , because the Moon Massa ( left) should be more red,
like in the old pic. Secunda is just right and the Planet with the continent Tamriel on it,
should do it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is a new unique texture i've made for a Wallpaper contest,
the basic was drawn and scanned into the pc where. after this , i mixed it with
a texture i have generated. But the pic still looked white and grey, so that i
had to color the texture.

But this was not enough, i wanted to include some islands of the eastern continent
like those ones.

but after i thought of the perspective i would take the photo,
i decided to leve them out.

but i also wanted a north and a southpole so i used nearly the same north/sout poles
of the earth

i joined the two pics(tamriel south/northpolar) and got the finished pic
for Masser i used a Mars texture and for secunda i used the texture of
a fictional planet from celestia motherlode.

i made a 3d pic with this textures (cinema 4d)
with a pink-screen ??? häh pink

and finally there were some minor things like the space backround with the
milkyway ( from celestia) and some clouds, and this was
the finally work

i hope this was a bit interesting , this is great pic for me
because I'm not so good in such things , but i keep practicing,
i've already published one in amrada2 files filefront,

its the galaxy class starship witch the total black background, where you
only can see the windows and other lightsources of that ship ,,..

link :

by Brian darthmop1